3 Ways to Manage Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) When Retail Therapy Isn’t Enough

3 Ways to Manage Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)   When Retail Therapy Isn’t Enough

Birds have the right idea-- fly down south during the colder months instead of over the cuckoo's nest. If you’re too young to get that movie reference, just know that 3x Oscar Winner Jack Nicholson’s character in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” made the self-proclaimed Walt Disney of Fashion, Kanye West’s Twitter rants look tame. 

While mental illness isn’t a laughing matter, it’s something where one doesn’t have to feel alone. With the dropping of temperatures, shorter days, and less sunlight, your enthusiasm might curve just a tad. Actually, it might bring on full-on anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness. That, our friend, we call Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D). It’s an actual mental illness diagnosis-- not a pop culture buzz term that will lose relevance once a shiny new one like “emotional intelligence” gains steam.   

So, what happens when hitting the shop now button on our site (or any site for that matter) doesn’t help to brighten up your mood or give you that retail therapy adrenal rush anymore?

Well, before you self-diagnose yourself with S.A.D, get an expert opinion. But, if you’re convinced that the changing of the seasons and weather turns you into a different person mentally and emotionally, then keep reading what you can do to help manage your feelings and state of being. 

Book a Trip To a Warmer Climate

Catch flights, not feelings--literally!! Sometimes, you have to go back to where the beach water is crystal blue, the currency is foreign (to you), and the men have panty-dropping accents. The Maldives, anyone? Or, you can head to the west coast or the south, where although it might get a little chilly, there will be no shortage of sunshine. Recreate your summers by going somewhere exotic and getting all the Vitamin D you can! Oh, we have plenty of resort-ready clothing for when you finally get in the mood to shop again! We’ll be waiting for you. :)        


Invest in Phototherapy 

If “Mr. Sun, Sun” is on your Sh*t List because he ghosted you, here’s something that can help you GLOW UP literally during this temporary breakup--phototherapy. This entails using a special light box or lamp that mimics outdoor lighting. It has a greater effect in the mornings or when you first wake up. You’ll be surprised at how the lack of sunlight can alter one’s mood. You can purchase a light therapy lamp from Amazon--they vary in size and cost. 

Increase Your Fitness Level 

They say that summer bodies are made in the Winter. How when S.A.D is kicking your butt?! In this case, you must approach fitness and working out in incremental doses. Instead of going to the gym, perhaps you can get do at-home workouts--there are plenty to choose from on YouTube. If financially feasible, you can hire a personal trainer for at-home personal training sessions instead of braving the cold air. And is Peloton still a thing? Although during the pandemic it gained enormous popularity, the craze has since dwindled. Sidebar: it could be because the company wasn't prepared for its meteoric rise. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it’s not a workout option or system that can’t be beneficial to your fitness goals and help you release endorphins, feel-good neurotransmitters, you need to help manage your mood.    


Sometimes, you don’t look how you feel. Unfortunately, being effortlessly beautiful and fashion-forward doesn’t mean that your life is picture-perfect. Imagine always living in your head or feeling like you’re not enough. Or being forced to face your insecurities because now you’re not blinded by the sun's rays or distracted by endless summer activities. It’s a scary feeling. If you have persistent feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness, please seek personal help. If you have thoughts of suicide, please dial the suicide prevention hotline at 988.