Meeting His Parents for The First Time This Holiday Season?

Meeting His Parents for The First Time This Holiday Season?

Discover 5 Fashion Plus Size Looks To Impress Your Future In-Laws

This year if you managed to secure your holiday matching pajamas partner, congrats to you! We concur with the majority of social media that the dating pool is filled with human waste. Well, at least it seems like it.

And if you're a plus size woman, dating might not be or feel like the easiest, especially with rampant societal stereotypes and big girl fetishes. Read our sister brand, Tribe 35’s blog post on Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating.

Be not discouraged, though. You might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’re someone’s eggnog made extra thick.

Now, back to you, Ms. I think I found the one. We want to help you quell any anxiety associated with meeting your partner’s family and friends over the holidays.

We prepared ourselves for this type of scenario, and now it’s time to share the love!

Here are our 5 fashion plus size looks to make your boo want to show you off to his family & friends:

Miami's Calling Sleeveless Dress

We love the versatility of the Miami’s Calling Sleeveless Dress. It’s bright. It’s flirty. You can wear it as is or throw on a blazer and chunky necklace to showcase its beauty. You can complete the look with some booties or thigh-high boots. Disclaimer: Get your boo to help you remove those often cumbersome thigh-high boots. Removing them yourselves is almost deadly.

Rock with You Dress

We must warn you: the Rock with You Dress might attract the eye of your boo’s creepy uncle who ruined his three marriages, and now he’s all alone acting desperate. In all seriousness, this dress is a standout pick because it hugs the plus size woman’s body just right and shows how fashion-forward you are!

Floral Dreams Dress

The Floral Dreams Dress tells his family that he’s in good hands and that you’ll represent their son well during any occasion. It gives classy wife and future mother of his kids vibe. Don’t overdo it with accessories--the dress and the woman rocking it is the leading lady here.

Paint Me Set

Wearing the Paint Me Set might earn you some cool points with his sisters and female friends-- it’s great to make allies amongst those two groups. Who’s going to stand up for you when he’s being a jerk? The outfit says that you’re bold, fun, know a thing or two about plus size fashion, and you’re one of the girls.

Havana 3-Piece Swimsuit Set

Maybe you’ve hit the jackpot, and your boyfriend comes from an affluent or well-to-do family, and the holidays are celebrated somewhere out of the country like Ibiza or St.Barts. You’re in luck--the Havan 3-Piece Swimsuit Set has great sex appeal without displaying too much of your goodies. Reserve the thong bathing suits for after-hours in the jacuzzi with your honey.

In Conclusion

Meeting your partner’s family and friends for the first time might be a bit nerve-wracking. Looking and feeling good in your plus size fashion might be just what you need to help build your confidence and be more personable. First impressions are important but don't get too down on yourself if the first meet and greet doesn't turn out how you imagine. You're in a relationship with your boo, not his family and friends!